To kick off the Greatness Only “GO GETTERS” Appreciation month, we would like to start off with this super power couple and this is their story.

“Darryl and Christine Henderson have a background in public service for over 30 years. They have been married for 29 years. Darryl honorably served in the military as an instructor teaching leadership development and coaching life skills. While he serve in the military, Christine served in the public-school system educating students and volunteered her time helping veterans in the VA Hospital.

Darryl continues to serve as a civil servant helping others in federal government in the acquisition field and co-coaching leadership training. The couple is building a startup small business called “The Recharge” it is a life changing service designed to help people discover a healthier way of living, manage emotional stress, find direction and confidence through motivation, guidance and coaching. Their motto “Your talk, we listen, you decide.” The husband and wife team are strong advocates for growing marriages, building relationships and building family.

Darryl’s Quote – “The journey begins with the mind. The soul is on the path seeking its purpose. When you invite change and live your truth you will find the courage to grow. – The Recharge”

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